Various types of window blinds and which one to choose

Various types of window blinds and which one to choose

A window blind is a kind of window covering. These blinds are made up of different of supplies, some products are costly and some less so. The cost less blinds are made up of aluminium, polyester or PVC and expensive blinds are made up of wood, metal etc. The horizontal and vertical slats of various hard materials like wood, plastic, metal are connected using cords. Window blinds can blow unwanted heat of the sun in summer and also keep us in heat in cold weather. They also reduce light to various degrees depending on the design of the blind. It can be operated manually or automatically using remote by rotating from open position, to a closed spot where slats partly cover and block out the most of the sun shade. There is another type window covering called shades, which uses a single piece of soft material instead of slats. Window blinds includes all types of window coverings like shutters, roller blinds, wood blinds, cellular shades etc.

Types of window blinds

There are two types of window blinds named as ready-made blinds and made to measure blinds. Made to measure blinds are made by measuring the window size and readymade blinds are already manufactured in set sizes and it can be altered according to the size of the windows to which it is going to be fitted.

  • Persian or slat – This consists of horizontal slats, made of metal or vivyl, connected with strings. It can be rotated up to 170 degrees to hide the light.
  • Venetian blinds – Venetian blinds has horizontal slats, one above the other and these are made up of plastic or metal. These blinds are suspended by strips called tapes or by cords and can rotate through about 180 degrees.
  • Vertical blinds –Vertical blinds are much preferable because they will not collect dust as they stand vertically. They draw to the side than lifting and lowering and it is the reason they are operated easier and faster.

Advantages of using window blinds

  • Easy to use
  • Control the light entering the room
  • Complete privacy
  • Countless styles, colours and patterns


Window blinds are modern and trendy and so it is suitable to all the corporate offices and apartments and it will not be suitable for traditional and classic houses. This gives a pleasant look to our rooms. Blinds are more hygienic as they do not collect dusts so easily and easy to maintenance.

Baron Denesik

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