Reviewing sub solution synthetic urine

Reviewing sub solution synthetic urine

Initially, the clear choice sub solution was invented in the year of 2002. Actually, this product still flourishes as being one of the best in its class. Before invented on this market, it has been passed all the supervision tests with a higher confidence. In fact, the sub solution synthetic urine is 100% effective to use that specially designed to be toxin free as well as undetectable. The main secret of this synthetic urine formula is specially made by using 11 various chemical compounds such as urea and uric acid, which mimic the real human urine. It is also well balanced for the certain gravity, pH and also creatinine to state a little. Now, it also comes with the untested heat activator formula, which increases the sample of urine temperature to the normal body temperature. If you wish to know more about this, you can simply take a look at the sub solution synthetic urine reviews and then decided to get this.

Does it work really?

If you buy a best brand then your test will come negative and also it comes with the synthetic example, a vial of the temperature activator and also an assimilation container. However, making this mixture is as easy as combining together the contents of a plastic vial into the offered mixing container. You just screw a cap back side and then gently shake that content, until the powder is completely dissolved. During this process, you will see the foam formation and the formula will not be different any longer from real urine. Thus, the preparation of this content is key to success. Even, you can do this up to 8 hours, before you have scheduled your urine test.


The clear choice sub solution does not use biocide in order to serve as a preservative in their secret formulation and toxin free. It consists of two most important ingredients of any synthetic urine product. Once you have decided to use this sub solution, first, you have to read the sub solution synthetic urine reviews and then begin to use it. Here are the pros of sub solution synthetic urine that includes:

  • Greatly resembles the real human urine
  • 100% effective and also works well for all kinds of tests
  • Control over the temperature of your sample
  • Made by a longstanding brand as well as industry leader
  • Powdered form comes with numerous benefits
  • Unisex synthetic urine for use by both men and women
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