The Most Important Opportunities in the Process of Film Watching

The first force of attraction of a film arises from its technical qualities, which operate the prodigy to transfer the viewer into an imaginary world, or, in the documentary film, to transport reality, distant in space and time, under his eyes. Therefore, the primacy in the origin and evolution of the cinema belongs to the technique. It preceded the film and made it as soon as possible; it still makes it every day more enjoyable, easy, and alive.

The main technical elements of a film show existed even before the film was born; then as the film took possession of it, finally coming to push the technique to create new means for its service. With the same influence the technique and the film have thus made a rapid perfective evolution, starting from the uncertain shots of an arriving train, to move on to the film animated by ideas and feelings, first with silent characters, then talking and moving in places sounded by noise and music. Under the pretext of implementing the perfect transposition of the spectator in the unreal world, the film required the colours of nature, then the three dimensions of the space, and it still tends with daring tricks to enter the viewer on the living scene. As you can watch shows online you will be able to have the perfect details.

In reviewing a film of forty years ago today, one can note the admirable technical achievements, and it must be admitted that, by virtue of them, today’s film, even if it is simply sonorous and “black-and-white”, manifests itself as a splendid representation.

But more than the technical finiteness, the strength of attraction and the importance of the film derive from the refinement of the artistic element, which not only has been refined for the contribution given by authors, writers and actors, chosen with rigorous criteria, but by the vivid emulation established between them in a world competition.

From the naive visual narration of an ordinary affair, the course of human life has been brought to the screen in its multiform dramas, subtly analysing the ideals, faults, hopes, mediocrities or heights of one or more characters. A growing mastery of inventiveness and training of the subject has made the show more and more lively and palpitating, which has also earned the traditional power of the dramatic art of all times and all cultures, indeed with considerable advantage over it for the greater freedom of movement, for the amplitude of the scenes and for the other effects of cinema. From 123movies you will be able to have the proper options available now.